Whether you have no idea where to start choosing mount borders colours and frames or have a very specific vision of the finished product (or are somewhere in between) – we’ve got you covered!  We like nothing more than to be given creative control of a project! However, before going ahead we will always check with you that you are happy with our selection. If you prefer to have some input, but need some guidance, we will provide you with some options – perhaps two or three – that you can choose from.

Wood moulding 

Prices will vary depending on the size of the moulding and the wood that it is made from. Where a frame will be finished with a painted finish, we try to use a less expensive versatile wood, whereas using wood frames such as Ash or Oak will increase the cost, but are the perfect option for some projects.

Frame finishes

We can leave the wood natural and just bring out the grain with some beeswax, or paint or stain the wood any colour you like.  Most popular are black, white and our range of metallic chalk based paints in Antique silver and Champagne Gold.


While mountboard itself isn’t particular expensive, it will add to the cost of a project due to a) increasing the size of the frame and b) adding to the labour time a little (we cut our mounts by hand).  We can cut multiple aperture mounts (as below) and use multiple layers of mount borders to add accents of colour (see signed football shirt). Bear in mind that prices will increase where more than one layer of mountboard is used. 


As standard we use picture framing glass (2mm float glass), however we can order in specialist glass, such as museum glass if required. 

Double aperture mount

We carefully select the mount-board colour and frame finish which will show off your artwork at its best, taking into consideration where the picture will be hung to ensure it will work with the colours and wood finishes in your room.  

For local customers (within a few miles of York), we are very happy to visit you in your home for a free no obligation consultation (as and when it is Covid-safe to do so). We can also do this effectively online (via email/messaging, exchanging photos etc.).

A few examples of available frames
A small selection of the mountboard options available
Example of using multiple mounts